The Arab-American Business and Professional Association (ABPA) seeks to promote trade and investment opportunities for U.S. and Arab-American businesses, to provide an educational platform for career development, and to increase the professional competency of Arab-Americans.


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Internship Placement

ABPA's Internship Placement Program is an experiential learning program that empowers Arab-American students to integrate knowledge and theory learned throughout their academic curriculum with practical application in a professional setting.


Business Education

ABPA organizes workshops, seminars, and panel discussions for its members to bring professionals together under common business, investment and professional development interests.

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Professional Networking

ABPA hosts a series of structured networking events to help its members succeed by cultivating their professional networks with meaningful, long-term relationships.


Business Owners

Small, medium and large business owners gain access to a pool of resources that educate and encourage best practices, help find millennial talent and encourage the growth of their businesses.


Professionals, entrepreneurs and innovators connect with like-minded individuals within their respective industries and beyond, to pursue personal development and professional growth.

College Students

College students are empowered to advance their careers with internship opportunities, gain a competitive edge with skill-building workshops and develop invaluable relationships with mentors.

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