Headshot of Victor Shiblie

Mr. Victor Shiblie has published and edited The Washington Diplomat, the flagship newspaper of Washington's diplomatic community, for almost three decades.

In addition to running the business side of The Washington Diplomatand traveling the globe extensively on assignments to the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, Europe, South America and the Caribbean, Shiblie is responsible for the newspaper's editorial tone. He is widely known to be fair, allowing foreign governments the opportunity to express their views to readers in one of the most important cities in the world.

Among other things, Mr. Shiblie has worked extensively to put together special in-depth, on- the-scene reports and documentaries from such countries as Angola, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Guyana, Palestine, Syria, Libya, and Tajikistan. He is an avid photographer; his portrait photos of the ambassadors of Egypt, Pakistan, Vietnam, and others have graced the cover of The Washington Diplomat.

Victor Shiblie was educated at Radford University in Radford, Virginia and has been awarded “Champion of Media-International” at the Multicultural Media Correspondents Dinner in 2016. The event honored other media professionals from diverse backgrounds, including actor Jaime Foxx.

Mr. Shiblie, in addition to being an esteemed member of the media, has consistently done advocacy work in the Arab community. In 2009, Victor Shiblie co-founded Al Mubadarah: the Arab Empowerment Initiative! The organization, an international NGO, is dedicated to building a platform for global Arab development, and has organized several high-profile events to facilitate professional growth in Arab Diaspora communities. Mr. Shiblie remained Chairman of the Board of Al Mubadarah until 2017. He also founded and chairs the Ramallah Cultural Preservation Project, and sits on the advisory boards and committees of the World Affairs Council, the National MS Society Ambassadors Ball, and Passport D.C. Mr. Shiblie is a true activist and industry leader, and we are so proud to have him on ABPA’s advisory board!