Hear From ABPA Students

Read below for first-hand experiences of ABPA students placed into internships through our Internship Placement Program.

Ally Anderson

US-UAE Business Council

Full Time Associate 

"My time working with ABPA has played a major part in getting placed in a job where my skills will shine and I can make a difference! ... I was able to get placed in an internship that matched my strengths and skills very well. This internship gave me the skills I needed to not only prepare for the workforce...I also serve as an ambassador..this experience has helped me develop my critical thinking and problem-solving skills... I can never thank ABPA enough for all the opportunities I have been afforded! Everyone in ABPA is so welcoming and friendly and will go out of their way to ensure you are set up for success. Thank you, ABPA, for your amazing impact and support!"

Ally Anderson


Virtual Student Federal Service

Strategic and Innovation Research Development Intern

"I am pleased to announce my acceptance of the Strategic and Innovation Research Development internship in the Federal Student Aid, an Office of the U.S. Department of Education through the U.S. Department of State - Virtual Student Federal Service VSFS). I will be working with the strategic and innovation research team on projects that are consequential to the future of an agency whose mission is Keeping the Promise: Education for All. I would like to use and scale up skills such as data visualization, quantitative/qualitative...analytical writing, strategic thinking, presentations, individual work, teamwork, and leadership."

Ahmed Elmahboub

Michelle Soukiassian

Virginia House of Delegates

Communications Trainee Intern

"Thus far my experience with the ABPA has been nothing but positive. I am beyond grateful for my experience with Delegate Ibraheem Samirah who is not only a politician fighting for social justice but also a Palestinian-American with his own unique story. I would not have been able to have access to this opportunity if it weren’t for the efforts of the ABPA. Most importantly, as a Student Ambassador, I have been able to open up similar opportunities to my fellow peers. The partners and opportunities presented by the ABPA range from every academic major and area of interest. This allows students of all academic backgrounds to have an internship opportunity catered to their specific goals."

Michelle Soukiassian

Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 8.51.21 PM


Research Intern

Despite these unprecedented times, ,my summer virtual internship with KARAMAH has been both rewarding and challenging. As an undergraduate intern at KARAMAH, I get to see examples of the practical application of Islamic jurisprudence...assist with research, write web article and current event reports. I have been a part of the ABPA community for a year now, and this is my second internship placement through them. I will always be grateful for the opportunities they offer as they will definitely prepare me for my post graduation career, and will always try to take advantage of it every semester.

May Kadow


Blossom Hill

Undergraduate Intern

"ABPA has been amazing throughout the whole internship process. Even just looking for one can be overwhelming, and to be honest, I didn't really know where to start. To have all the information so readily available was definitely instrumental for getting the internship I have now. And even just knowing I have the support of ABPA is incredible, as well. I often feel alone as an Arab who grew up in the rural US, and just knowing that ABPA, when I need them, is a complete confidence boost."

Hannah Abdelaal

Screen Shot 2021-06-08 at 5.08.03 PM


Undergraduate Intern


"I am an undergraduate student-athlete at the University of California, Santa Barbara. I am pursuing double majors in Middle Eastern Studies and Political Science, with an emphasis on International Relations. My aspiration in life is to work in the US government and help create better relationships with foreign countries, and to ultimately help create a safe and stable international environment."


Emma Overell

Screen Shot 2021-06-08 at 5.11.27 PM

US-Qatar Business Council

Graphic Design Intern

""Thank you to the Arab-American Business & Professional Association (ABPA) for their constant support, and in particular, for helping to make my application process with the US-Qatar Business Council (USQBC) a breath of fresh air. I highly recommend ABPA's Student Internship Program to any student looking to gain experience in the public or private sector." 

Zabrina Bateh

Screen Shot 2021-06-08 at 5.14.43 PM


Undergraduate Intern


"I am so grateful for the opportunities shared by ABPA. I think KARAMAH will be an incredible experience. I look forward to learning more about gender equality and Islamic jurisprudence."


Carolyn Maguigad

Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 8.49.06 PM

Washington Headquarters Services

Engineering Intern


"I am so grateful for this experience that was only possible with the help of ABPA, before joining ABPA I was struggling to find an internship. I could confidently say that ABPA has given me the resources needed for a successful career in engineering."


Ibraheem Al Ani

Hear from our Student Ambassadors!


Kenza Sandi


"Being part of the ABPA family as their ambassador to the University of Maryland has been such an enriching and challenging experience. It provides me with the unique opportunity to empower students in my community by sharing the wide array of professional opportunities and internships that ABPA has to offer as well as being a voice on campus to young Arab professionals and to the great organization that ABPA is. It surely involves a lot of communication and commitment but also a lot of fun."

Fajr Delane Headshot

Fajr Delane


“What I love about our Student Ambassador Program is that it allows us to connect with so many different networks and create a sense of family.”


Sabrina Afana


“I love the Student Ambassador Program because I have the opportunity to help other Arab-American students get involved in internships with the government. I hope this will lead to Arab-Americans becoming increasingly involved in the government, so that the voices and concerns of our community can be met."