Internship Program

Our programs are designed to help you succeed on the career path that you choose. We ensure full representation of women and participants from Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) or other schools with diverse student populations, to include African Americans, Asians, Pacific Islanders and Native Americans, Hispanics, Veterans, and individuals with disabilities. All ethnicities and backgrounds are eligible and highly encouraged to apply! 

Internship Placement Program

How It Works

Step 1. Submit an Application

Apply for the Internship Placement Program online following the link below. Once you submit your application, an ABPA representative will contact you regarding your status.

Step 2. Mentorship Program 

Once accepted, you will participate in the Mentorship Program that includes resume building, cover letter assistance, and interview coaching one-on-one with an ABPA mentor. 

Step 3. Placement 

We submit your application to exclusive opportunities with our host employers that best match your profile. The host employer will make the final decision of intern selection within their respective organization. 

Step 4. Follow-Up & Evaluation

Your mentor will work with you throughout the process for onboarding to your new internship upon selection. Your mentor will check in periodically to ensure satisfactory and successful results, following an end-of-term evaluation.

Internship Resume Guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions

Hear From ABPA Student Interns

I simply would not have been able to be a part of this internship experience without the Arab-American Business & Professional Association. Completing all the paperwork necessary for this internship was a very smooth process, and I was helped every step of the way by ABPA personnel. I also benefited from the various video-presentations given throughout the summer by ABPA, which provided tips for resume and job success. Simply put, ABPA made this internship possible, and I am very grateful!

Leigh Federici - Summer '19 Intern at Bureau of Land Management

Before I got an email from ABPA, I had given up on the idea of having an internship for the summer. Now I am very grateful ABPA connected me to the US-U.A.E. Business Council giving me this wonderful chance to learn and grow!

Leila Bouhussein - Summer '19 Intern at US-UAE Business Council

I have been a part of the ABPA community for a year now, and this is my second internship placement through them. I will always be grateful for the opportunities they offer as they will definitely prepare me for my post graduation career. I will always ty to take advantage of it ever semester. 

May Kadow - Summer '20 Intern at KARAMAH

I am so grateful for this experience that was only possible with the help of ABPA, before joining ABPA I was struggling to find an internship. I could confidently say that ABPA has given me the resources needed for a successful career in engineering. I am also grateful for the ABPA  program coordinates who were extremely helpful from revising my resume, to sending me internship opportunities and helping me with the application process.

Ibraheem Al Ani - Spring '19 Intern at the Washington Headquarters Services

I never would have gotten this internship without ABPA, which assisted with many processes to help place Mohammed and I successfully in BLM. Furthermore, ABPA provided different webinars during the internship to help us develop our skills and take our experience to the next level.

Shadhan Al Kharusi - Summer '19 Intern at Bureau of Land Management

got to meet different people with different ideas and solutions to tackle problems. I feel happy that. I could contribute with my technical skills to help the organization. Thank you to ABPA for accepting and giving me the wonderful opportunity. I was able to save my time and money; above all I could graduate on time.

Deepa Kc - Spring '20 Intern at American Muslim Senior Society

ABPA is going great things for Arab-American students, and I am appreciative of the sense of community among Arab-Americans they have helped to foster in the DC area.

Ines Oulamine - Spring '19 Intern at the U.S. Department of Energy

It was really a wonderful experience. With the opportunities that ABPA and BLM offered me, summer 2019 was full of great experiences. 

Mohammed Alamri - Spring '19 Intern at Bureau of Land Management

ABPA played a huge role in connecting me with USQBC. The interview was smooth and I received the offer. I really appreciate the Arab-American Business & Professional Association and am looking forward to hearing about their achievements.

Sanad Masoud - Spring '19 Intern at the US-Qatar Business Council

My name is Yasmeen Ali and I was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. I am in my senior year studying criminal justice and psychology. I will be attending law school in the following year to study criminal law. I appreciate all of ABPA's efforts to connect me with amazing opportunities.

Yasmeen Ali - Summer '19 Intern at American Muslim Senior Society 

Searching for internship and job opportunities is incredibly daunting, especially as an Arab-American with a limited network of people who work in my field of interest. Receiving regular emails with internship and job openings to apply to was incredibly helpful, not only because it exposed me to organizations I never would have found on my own, but also because it made applying much easier. I am so grateful to ABPA for making the internship hunt a little less stressful, and I am beyond excited to start my summer internship at Partnership for Transparency this summer!

Karen Samy - Summer '21 Intern at Partnership for Transparency Fund 

ABPA has been amazing throughout the whole internship process. Even just looking for one can be overwhelming, and to be honest, I didn’t really know where to start. To have all the information so readily available was definitely instrumental for getting the internship I have now. And even just knowing I have the support of ABPA is incredible as well. I often feel alone as an Arab who grew up in rural US, and just knowing that ABPA when I need them is a complete confidence boost.

Hannah Abdelaal - Summer '21 Intern at Blossom Hill 

ABPA has not only allowed me to feel more comfortable with the process of looking for an internship but has also exposed me to many opportunities I would have never had. Having access to the resources, internship openings, and more that ABPA provides is something that has taken a weight off my shoulders. I am so grateful to ABPA not only for how they help me but also for the work they do for the Arab American community and other underserved communities. Thanks to ABPA I will be working as an intern at KARAMAH this summer. This opportunity will be my introduction to the professional world and a chance for me to explore my future career options.

Samantha Kalibala - Summer '21 Intern at KARAMAH 

"I am so excited to be learning more about policy and communication while working with such a dedicated group!" 

Gurman Dhaliwal - Summer '21 Intern at KARAMAH