Congratulations to all of ABPA’s accepted students in the Internship Placement Program! Throughout the semester, many of the selected students were placed into internships with federal agencies, private sector companies, and even NGOs and think tanks!

Read below about the achievements of some of them. 


“ABPA is one of the best associations I have joined outside of school, today. Upon graduating, I struggled to find a lot of Arab-world connections based in the U.S. around my area. This association has helped promote a direct dialogue and partnership with other organizations, industry sectors and U.S. firms, and has used its partnerships to locate related interests and opportunities. As an Arab-American student like myself, it’s difficult finding things that directly link to my major, culture, and background – a quick Google search does not suffice. Thanks to ABPA. It’s nice to be around familiarity!”

                    – Samah Mohamed

Congratulations to Samah for being ABPA’s first student to be placed through the Internship Placement Program! Samah is now an intern at the National US-Arab Chamber of Commerce in Washington, DC. Under her new position, Samah foresees the bilateral process of trade (foreign); produces press releases following guest speaker meetings; and participates in research projects and tasks for think tanks, other chambers of commerce, and consulting firms. Currently, Samah is working on a Saudi project for import-export to Walmart. We wish you all the best, Samah!


“While I have only been in the ABPA program for a few months, I am extremely appreciative for the opportunities it has shown me I could have in DC. I would not have known about the Jerusalem Fund if it wasn’t for ABPA, and I already love it! The Jerusalem Fund focuses on educating the community on the Palestinian issue, and finding ways that we can help the country develop such as funding NGOs that exist in Palestine to provide more opportunities for work. I am excited to delve into the Arab-American community that ABPA has given me access to; it really helps to settle into living in DC.”

 – Alaa Hammoudeh

Congratulations to Alaa for being placed through the Internship Placement Program! Alaa is now an intern at the Jerusalem Fund in Washington, D.C. Alaa attends American University with an expected graduation date of May 2021. She is majoring in Justice and Law with a concentration in Criminal Justice at the School of Public Affairs, and is also pursuing a minor in Education Studies. Under her position at the Jerusalem Fund, Alaa is able to apply her academic knowledge to her work. Her internship entails event management, maintaining social media accounts, researching and writing relevant articles, and regularly updating the website. Continue to do great things, Alaa! 


“The Arab-American Business & Professional Association finds the right plan that fits the student’s needs. ABPA allowed me to gain as much real-world experience during my college career as possible. ABPA helped me apply to The Defense Post. This impacted me personally to learn and explore new things and will prepare me for “the next big thing” in my future. Overall, ABPA is a great experience. It allows students to have the ability to make their credentials as job candidates more appealing. They gain exposure to actual tasks and challenges which they will be doing during their career once they’ve graduated and obtain a job.”

                                        – Tasnim Elnasharty

Congratulations to Tasnim for being placed through the Internship Placement Program! Tasnim is now the Research Intern at The Defense Post in Washington, DC. Tasnim attends American University with an expected graduation date of May 2020. She is majoring in International Studies from the School of International Service. Under her position at The Defense Post, Tasnim assists in Arabic translation and conducts foreign research. Her research helps to assess local sources related to relevant issues occurring in Syria and other nations in the Middle East. We wish you nothing but much success, Tasnim! 


“My name is Tariq Elmetwally, and I am the student volunteer intern with the Department of Energy’s office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization. In this position I work side by side with the In reach team to come up with solutions to reduce barriers to entry for small businesses. I also interpret data to develop strategies for increasing acquisitions of disadvantaged businesses nationwide. I want to thank the ABPA for this opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the heart of Washington D.C.”

 – Tariq Elmetwally

Congratulations to Tariq for being placed through the Internship Placement Program! Tariq is now a Student Volunteer Intern with the Department of Energy’s Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization in Washington, D.C. He will continue into the Spring semester as well. Tariq attends Loyola University of Maryland with an expected graduation date of May 2019. He is majoring in Marketing at the School of Business. We wish endless success, Tariq! 

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