Internship Partner Spotlight: US-Qatar Business Council

Are you interested in business advisory services, consultancy services, international business relations, and working for a non-governmental organization? ABPA Institute has a partnership with the US-Qatar Business Council (USQBC) to place students into internships.

The US-Qatar Business Council develops, supports, and advances the bilateral relationship between the United States and the State of Qatar.

USQBC works to enhance the bilateral relationship and partnership between the US and Qatar by building a foundation of mutual interests and strong political, business, cultural, and security relations. The USQBC improves the commercial and economic relationship, offers business advisory services, consultancy services, and coordinates trade missions for US and Qatari companies to facilitate bilateral business. The USQBC also hosts senior executives from Fortune 500 companies, small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs), and high-ranking government officials for discussions on challenges and opportunities in both markets.

In addition, USQBC publishes a weekly newsletter to high-level recipients in government, business, and academia, highlighting news, events, and developments in the US-Qatar relationship.

USQBC provides a broad range of services and benefits to its members including but not limited to advice and counsel, arranging appointments with government and business contacts in Qatar and the United States, notifying members of business and other opportunities, and advising and assisting in the preparation of projects, programs, proposals and other activities to support member interests in the United States and/or the State of Qatar.

Zabrina Bateh at USQBC

Zabrina Bateh

Zabrina Bateh received her Bachelors degree in International Cultural Studies with a minor in Political Science from Brigham Young University, Hawaii. Through ABPA’s Internship Placement Program, Zabrina was placed at USQBC and worked as a Research and Communications Intern (virtual) from June to August of this year.

We asked Zabrina some questions about her internship experience at USQBC.

How did you find out about USQBC?

I found out about the US-Qatar Business Council (USQBC) through the Arab-American Business & Professional Association (ABPA). I am incredibly grateful to have been accepted into ABPA’s student internship program over a year ago. They made the internship application process a breath of fresh air.

What is an average day like as an intern?

Much of an average day for me as a virtual Research and Communications Intern is self-driven in assignment completion. My supervisor grants me ample space to complete assignments by the time our weekly check-in meetings roll around. In those check-in meetings, I relay my current projects’ status by sharing my screen (on Zoom) and directly explaining certain documents, links, graphics, and information. I also listen intently and ask questions of my fellow interns and supervisors to strengthen our communication as a cohesive team and understanding of USQBC’s goals.

Is there anything you find interesting about USQBC that maybe an outsider or someone who isn’t familiar should know?

The mission of USQBC is to progress the private sector relationship between the US and Qatar. USQBC recently released an Introductory Business Guide on Qatar geared toward US investors that is a holistic resource for specific-sector hotspots and information on foreign direct investment for members and partners of the USQBC. Even if one is not interested in doing business with the US or Qatar, invaluable principles outlined in the business guide can help one imagine the endless possibilities in trade with their particular business connections. The business guide helps visualize foreign direct investment in action through a creative and exciting format that most individuals, even without a professional background, can follow. On a more personal note, for my projects related to the business guide, I often try to think “as a Qatari investor might or would.” That way, I can see beyond my perspective and try to understand potential clients’ minds better; therefore, finding more relevant information that would benefit USQBC partners and make it into the final production of the guide. 

Do you have any advice you could give if someone were to get a job at USQBC?

My advice would be to ask to check in with your supervisors often for short periods, depending on your schedule and theirs, so that they may recognize your initiative and desire to grow. The world moves upon our actions. Most certainly, the interns who initiate feedback and actively problem-solve through questions and creative thinking are likely to feel more satisfied with their work in the end. A happier attitude can only lead to a more significant positive impact on whatever organization or firm one chooses to intern with. Overall, USQBC has been a fantastic experience thus far, in which I will continue to learn and grow from each day. Thank you.

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