Dahlia in Washington, D.C. where she served as an intern for Qatar-America Institute.

An important skill I got out of my internship was self-esteem.”

Dahlia Mohamed is a sophomore at George Mason University, where she is earning a degree in Government & International Politics as well as Conflict Analysis & Resolution. She recently completed her internship at Qatar America Institute, where she was placed through ABPA’s guidance! Dahlia kindly agreed to speak a little about her experiences at the internship during an interview to share her newfound knowledge and professional skills.

Where did you intern in this semester and what were some of your favorite projects? What impact did this internship have in your professional development? 

I interned at Qatar America Institute this past semester. A favorite project of mine was researching the migrant worker situation in Qatar and the country’s shift away from the kafala system. Another project I enjoyed was researching Qatar Museums. It was interesting to learn how important culture is in defining the nation and the extent at which Qatar is value it.

What was the most impactful experience or encounter during your time in Washington, D.C.?

Riding the metro to and from my internship has equipped me with an important skill: using public transportation. I did not realize how simple it is to ride the metro. I have always regarded it as something I wouldn’t be able to figure out. Washington D.C feels a lot smaller now that I know how to travel in it.

Qatar-America Institute is located in Washington D.C.

What are some tips and recommendations you have for other students interested in an internship in D.C.? 

Networking is crucial. Establish a strong relationship with your employer. Let them get to know you enough to write a great recommendation letter for you in the future. Make student business cards and hand them out during your organization’s events.

What are some skills you learned in your internship that you can apply to your future career? 

An important skill I got out of my internship was self-esteem. My work was commended at QAI, allowing me to gain confidence in future projects and in my personal development!

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