ABPA Student Ambassador of the Month – Congratulations to Norhan Abdalla!

ABPA Student Ambassador to Towson University, Norhan Abdalla

Congratulations to ABPA’s Student Ambassador of the Month, Norhan Abdalla! Norhan represents Towson University since fall 2019. Within these past month, she has excelled in assignments, always going above and beyond. In recognition of her personal achievements and her dedication to ABPA, we are so excited and proud to have her apart of our team and celebrate her success.

Norhan is a student at Towson University, where she studies Molecular Biology. Ever since Norhan joined ABPA, she has been amazingly dedicated and hardworking in her commitment to our cause, as proven through her activeness in promoting ABPA on campus. Norhan single handedly organized a very successful ABPA interest meeting at Towson; serves as the founder and president of Towson’s Society of Arab Students, where she has advocated for ABPA many times; has visited classrooms to talk about ABPA’s opportunities; advertised ABPA on social media; and personally referred students to our Internship Placement Program. We could not be more grateful to have her as our Ambassador!

Continue reading for Norhan’s interview with ABPA that highlights her goals, aspirations, and why she chose to join ABPA.

Interview with Norhan

What year of your studies are you in?

Currently, I am in my senior year of undergrad. I am expected to graduate in the Spring of 2020.

What is your area of interest in Biology?

My concentration is Molecular Biology. Essentially, that is the study of the structure and functions of macromolecules at the molecular level which are essential to life. More generally, my degree is a combination of Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, and Bioinformatics. 

Why do you like the field of Health Care?

I have been interested in the Health Care field from a very young age. The understanding of life and biological processes have always fascinated me. Currently, my interests have shifted toward global and international health. I aspire to become a Physician or Physician Assistant. I hope to one day help fix the Egyptian health care system and provide adequate health care for the Egyptian population, especially those who live in poverty. We [as Americans] are very fortunate to have access to resources and opportunities here. Unfortunately, in Egypt that is not the case. I believe everyone should have access to health care! 

You are the founder and President of Society of Arab Students at Towson University. What drove you to create such organization?

My drive to creating the Society of Arab Students at Towson University was to mainly create a sense of community among the Arab population of campus. Additionally, as a minority, we do not have the proper representation on campus as other groups. Essentially, I wanted to bring the Arab community together to network and support one another. Before the start of SAS, the Arabs on campus were not really aware of one another. SAS has allowed us to come together and become our own community. 

Why did you choose to serve as an ABPA Student Ambassador and what has this role meant to you so far?

I chose to serve as an ABPA Student Ambassador because I believe this is a great program! The opportunity to be represented in federal agencies as a minority group is incredible. ABPA provides plenty of great opportunities for the Arab-American community. Not many Arab-Americans are familiar with this program and that’s where my role as student ambassador comes in. I believe it is important to get the word out about these great opportunities ABPA provides. As Arab-Americans we should not miss out on these opportunities which can open many doors!

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  1. CJ Finnical on October 29, 2019 at 2:32 am

    Norhan I couldn’t be prouder of you! You have come such a long way!!! Congratulations lady! Your drive and determination is an inspiration!!!! CJ

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