About Us


Arab-American Business and Professional Association (ABPA) mission is to provide internship & professional development opportunities to minorities, veterans, individuals with disabilities, and Arab- Americans across the United States to boost their participation in Federal Agencies, Fortune500 companies, Think Tanks, and Non-Profits.


The Arab-American Business and Professional Association (ABPA) aspires to become a premier platform for enhancing the professional development and educational proficiency of Arab Americans.




Founded in 1985, the Arab-American Business and Professional Association (ABPA) is a non-profit organization, which prides itself on its ability to serve as a multi-way bridge between the U.S. and the Arab world – providing a platform to connect local and international investors with businesses, harnessing and steering the economic capacity of the Arab-American community locally, and enhancing the competencies of Arab-American professionals to be competitive in the local and global marketplace.

As one of the “pacesetter” Arab-American organizations, ABPA has played a leading role in convening regular meetings of high profile individuals, organizations, and government institutions to share information, identifying and discussing professional development opportunities.

Since then, ABPA has established an impressive network of partners and students through programs including the Internship Placement Program and Student Ambassador Program. Through these initiatives, ABPA has continued to provide numerous opportunities to support Arab-American students and their professional development. 

  • 1984

    Participation in the negotiation between Palestine's West Bank Chamber of Commerce and the United Nations Development program in the late '80s. 

  • 1990

    Secured the first ever recognition of an Islamic holiday by a U.S. President on Eid-Al-Fitr.

  • 1992

    In collaboration with the U.S. State Department, established the Palestinian Chamber of Commerce and the Jordanian-American Business Council.

  • 1993

    Participation in the signing of the Oslo Peace Accord in 1993 as part of the Palestinian delegation. 

  • 1994

    Invited to participate in a panel discussion with the late UN Secretary General, Boutros Boutros-Ghall (Sixth Secretary General of the United Nations) at the 1994 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. 

  • 1999

    Sponsored a medical delegation from Mt. Sinai hospital to the Middle East to provide hundreds of diagnoses for impoverished children.