A Call to Action

Ambassador Massoud Maalouf 

Chairman of the Advisory Board

Arab-Americans in the United States are well represented and have distinguished themselves in all aspects of life including politics, academia, sports and entertainment.  However, one field that lacks participation by the Arab-American community is representation in the United States government (USG).

Arab-American Business and Professional Association (ABPA) is now doubling its effort to address ways to increase Arab-American employment in the USG with the purpose “to educate the next generation of Arab-American leaders,” by providing an educational platform for career development and advancing the professional competency of young Arab-Americans. ABPA provides all these great services as a free help to students and recent graduates.

As a non-profit in the service of Arab-American community, ABPA was founded several decades ago by Mr. Fuad Sahouri—who has recently taken significant steps to re-invigorate the association and redirect its vision aimed at creating programs to assist Arab-American youth in identifying internships in the USG. ABPA is ready to support the increased interest on the part of the Arab community in this mission-focused endeavor. We stand to benefit from America’s open arms – we need the will to integrate and the internship opportunities to move ahead.  We can show that Arab-American youth are resourceful and capable individuals with much to contribute to U.S. public service.

However, ABPA cannot alone implement such an ambitious project. We hope that the Arab-American community throughout the U.S. will come forward to participate in this common effort. 

As Chairman of the Advisory Board, I call on you to support ABPA’s efforts. You are welcome to serve on various ABPA committees, you are welcome to write articles for ABPA’s blog, you are welcome to share your thoughts to improve ABPA services. ABPA is for you and ABPA is yours!

Let your network know about ABPA and spread the word in your communities.

While political priorities of the Arab countries tend to prevent a unified position of the Arab-American community in the U.S., ABPA’s endeavor presents a unifying opportunity around which all Arab-Americans can and should rally.

Please visit ABPA website at www.abpadc.org and check the link “Get Involved” under the menu, “Join,” for relevant information on how to “boost” our Arab-American students and graduates.

Only with your efforts and support can ABPA be successful in this endeavor. Stand up and join us.

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